History Of Our Museum

The Museum of the History of Georgian Medicine has almost sixty year history of its existence and stores about 19,000 museum exhibits. More than 300 unique exhibits are exhibited in the halls of the museum, including:
  • Remains of extinct living organisms from the prehistoric period (15 million years ago): whale ribs, ammonite and footprints of a bear-dog-amphitheater found in western Georgia;);
  • Archaeological artifacts of the Bronze Age (XXXIII-XI centuries BC) - the era of mythological Princess Medea (XII-VII centuries BC);
  • Visual material dedicated to the ethnogenesis and anthropology of the Georgian nation;
  • Material from the ancient and medieval periods - from the Pontic king Mithridates VI (II-I centuries BC) to the "Golden Age" of Georgian statehood (XIII century AD);
  • Georgian medical manuscripts;
  • Tools of Georgian folk medicine;
  • Exhibits of Georgian Traditional Medicine;
  • Exhibits of the Renaissance period - the legacy of Zaza Panaskerteli-Tsitsishvili (15th century AD) and the Georgian king David XI (1569-1578);
  • Archival material of the Great Georgian Doctors (XIX and XX centuries).

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